Sunday, November 1, 2009

To All Of My Type1-Mom-Blog Friends

Last night went smoothly.  Maddie was 147 when she went to bed.  BUT, I think that whatever sugary substance it was that she inhaled the night before, must have taken a longer time to smack us in the face.  She woke up at 400ish, and yes, the lovely TRACE to SMALL ketones.  Don't you just love 'em?? 

So, after I washed the urine off of my hands, I stuffed bottled waters, ketone strips, glucose tablets (just in case we went overboard on the insulin) and all of those other lovely things in her bag, and off we went to church, ketones and all.

Thankfully, after lunch, everything was back to normal, numbers were down, ketones were gone, life was great.

And then my lovely husband announces, "Whoever eats all of their lunch gets some candy!!"

Men......they mean well.....

*sigh*  Here we go again.....


  1. Yes are'nt husbands so cute ? I want to strangle mine everyday . Now Take out the trash !!!! LOL !!!

  2. Yes~ The strangling thing has crossed my mind a few times, too. LOL! : )

  3. That is hilarious. Are all men made from the same mold? My husband would have totally done the same thing! I've spent many an evening washing pee off my hands too...but now I use the blood ketone strips and it makes everything a little easier.

    Isn't Halloween fun? :)

  4. Ketones are the worst. Sorry about the pee though!

    I am the one that loves sweets in my house, it would probably be me, that would say something like that!

  5. So glad the ketones are gone! And . . . so sorry about the pee on the hand. :-)
    I'm with Meri - I got the blood meter and it is much easier (and a bit cleaner too). I actually asked our endo about it and they gave it to us for free. too bad they don't supply all the test strips for free!!

    Sounds like my husband too -
    He offered up ice cream after lunch today.

  6. Thanks, ladies!! I'll have to ask about that blood ketone meter at our next endo appt. Sounds a lot cleaner, although, in the scheme of things, a little pee on the hands is not as bad as some other experiences I've had. I've got one child still in diapers.....