Monday, September 13, 2010

Talent Show

Our church had a talent show--Maddie (age 9) chose to sing "Mighty To Save". The camera shaking is me trying not to ball my eyes out. I was and am SO proud of her!!! She is so much more brave than I am.

4th of July

Maddie was asked by our music minister to sing this on Sunday July 4, 2010. We should always remember to thank those who serve our country.

What Have We Been Up To?

Wow--it's been a while. Spring, going into summer, is always super busy for our family. I feel like there are so many things to say, and to catch up on. Instead, I'll post some pics of some things Maddie has done, just to prove that nothing's going to stop her. Not even stupid old diabetes.....

Maddie the jumproper

Maddie the wiffle ball player

Maddie the gymnast

Maddie the fashionista

Maddie the diva

Maddie the roller coaster rider
(Carrowinds--and man, was that a nerve racking trip! High, then low, then high, then low....)

Maddie the caterpillar rider
(and no, thank goodness, she didn't throw up!)

Maddie the swinger
(well, you know what I mean.....)
that's her in the white shirt, mouth wide open, screaming

Oh, please......

Maddie the water bug

Maddie the 4th of July soloist
(video to come later.....)

Maddie, queen of the skate rink
(plus her BFF, Grace)

Maddie the maker of cupcakes
(well, we tried.....)

Maddie the soccer girl
(she's a tough cookie on the field!)

And those are some of the highlights of the past few months. Thanks for checking them out! We love our blog friends!!