Friday, February 5, 2010


Ok, type 1 moms. I have a funny question. Where is the strangest place you've found a testing strip? Please answer as a comment. I'd love to hear! One time, upon putting on my pajamas, I found one in my bra. But today, I was changing my youngest's diaper, (just wet, not stinky) and there was a strip stuck to his bottom. Now, in his defense, it had probably gotten there from the night before, sometime between drying off from the bath, and applying the clean diaper. I'm sure there are some other funny stories out there~ I'd love to hear them!!

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  1. A couple of doors down from ours...laying along the side of the road was one of Jada's test strips. It just seemed so odd to me, but it had probably fallen off the garbage truck or something on trash day!!!

  2. Such a great post... I love it. How funny in your bra! Too cute, that means your the best mommy!

    I don't really have a funny one like that, I have found them in our fridge, or in Matties dresser drawers. They are EVERY WHERE!!

  3. Very funny! I have actually found a test strip in both of the places. I was just going to post about the one I found on Nate's bum! I promise I don't do bg checks there!! HAHA!

    I once found one in my hair - - - no idea??

  4. Lets see.....strangest place? Doesn't really stick out. But I have found them outside on the driveway, my purse bottom, randomly on the carpet in the house, between the matress in my room (strangest I guess), in the car under the floor mats and in the seat pockets and the cup holders, the garage floor, bedsheets, soccer name a few.

    Stuck to his bottom....too funny!

  5. I am not kidding.

    The dog threw one up yesterday.